The Hermit Reels is a project by members of Jump Mother Crab whilst live music is on hold due to COVID-19.

The band member selects a song and the band will compose the track whilst putting their own stamp on the performance. Most of the selections are songs that we have always wanted to play so look out for some real left field choices. We do not plan on adding these songs to our live set list, so we have gone as crazy as we want on the arrangements.

All songs are available via free download.

WARNING: These songs are meant to not sound exactly like the original.

Lights Out - Royal Blood cover

"Lights Out is my favourite Royal Blood song - such a powerful song! This started out as a stripped back acoustic in my eyes; Colin had different ideas. Not a single guitar involved and we went adventurous in terms of sounds and video. Enjoy!"


Mr & Mrs Smith - Stereophonics cover

"Mr & Mrs Smith is not one of Stereophonics well known songs but it has featured on recent live tours and it is one of my favourites. An upbeat and light song that tells a story with an opening riff that hooks you straight in."


Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division Cover

"I've loved this since I saw the tortured performance by Ian Curtis on the Joy Division original and then, against all that is cool, I also loved the Paul Young version, totally different as it was. Just a great song!"