In April 2020 I celebrated my 70th birthday by myself in lockdown.

It got me thinking about the final miles of life’s journey. You know the stuff: “What’s it all about?”; “Have old people still got anything to offer?”; “Will this year change us? Make us better?”; “Can we enjoy living in the moment?”; “Are we nothing more than animals who think we’re something special?”; “What have I valued in this strange time: the side of us that gives me hope?”

This is what I came up with. It’s not easy listening at times but I hope you also see the humour in it.

Without the option of using a studio and other musicians (where would I get a string quartet and choir at the best of times?), I wrote, performed, recorded and produced this collection in my living room using guitars and bass, a keyboard and every trick and resource I knew how to use from Logic Pro on my iMac. Peter Green sang, “I can’t sing, I ain’t pretty and my legs are thin”. Well that’s certainly true of me so you have to use what you’ve got.


"The Fall (Recitative) : Released 14th November.

Track 3 from the 2020 Vision Album.